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Benefits of Drinking Collagen

5 Benefits of Collagen for Women & How to Maximise It

As we age, our body naturally produces less collagen, which can lead to problems like drier skin, weaker bones and brittle nails. It will be beneficial to introduce collagen to your diet, in one form or the other, in order to lead a healthier lifestyle while combatting the effects of ageing.

Collagen is already a widely popular ingredient in skincare and healthcare, especially in Korea, due to the multiple benefits of collagen for skin and health. Here are some of the great benefits of collagen, and how you can go about introducing collagen to your diet.

5 Benefits of Drinking Collagen

Improve skin complexion with collagen

1. Improves Skin Health

The collagen production in our skin decreases as we age, making our skin lose elasticity and start to sag, resulting in the development of fine lines. Taking collagen peptides or collagen supplements can help to strengthen the skin barrier, increase elasticity and hydrate dry skin. 

Additionally, including collagen peptides in your diet can result in anti-ageing effects like reducing wrinkles and fine lines. 

2. Relieves Joint Pain

Collagen strengthens the cartilage, which is the rubber-like tissue protecting your joints. As we age, this tissue thins out and is one of the causes of joint pains and aches. Studies suggest that introducing collagen supplementation to your diet may stimulate the tissues for collagen production, and is good for supporting these connective tissues to relieve joint pains. Stay active and young longer!

3. Strengthens Nails & Hair 

Taking collagen supplements are also great for strengthening the hair and nails. The collagen peptides in these supplements have been shown to result in improvements in brittle nails, which decreases the frequency of chipped nails and nail breakage. It also has been shown to lead to an increased rate of nail growth. 

4. Improves Gut Health

Collagen has been found to help regulate gastric acid to prevent an excess of gastric juices which can lead to stomach ulcers and other digestive problems. Collagen peptides may also help to heal stomach ulcers, as well as the intestinal and stomach lining, and are effective in aiding digestion.

5. Helps to Fade Scars 

Another great effect of the strong repair abilities of collagen is its ability to help lighten and heal scars. Collagen mends and rebuilds the damaged connective tissues that make up scars, helping them to fade faster. In the same way, it helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite for a more smooth, flawless appearance.

Collagen: How should we maximise the benefits?

A well-known method to reap the benefits of collagen is to consume foods that are known to be high in collagen, such as fish and chicken. However, meat can be hard to digest, especially for those with weaker digestive systems, and can result in only a partial absorption of all the collagen goodness that these meats have to offer. 

Taking collagen supplements or drinking collagen is a popular method of keeping up with the recommended intake. Particularly, collagen supplements are a widely popular trend in Korea, for its convenience, delicious taste and multitude of health benefits. Additionally, collagen supplements are a form of protein that is more easily digested than meat sources, and are made with collagen peptides instead of the normal types of collagen naturally found in food and drinks. 

What is Collagen Peptides

What is Collagen Peptides?

Collagen peptides, also known as hydrolyzed collagen, is a form of collagen that has a smaller molecular size, which allows it to be more easily absorbed by our bodies than other forms of collagen. This means more effective health and skin benefits, and we recommend for everyone to begin including collagen in your diet to replace what the body lacks with age. Don’t let your guard down thinking you’re not at that stage yet - the body usually starts to slow down its production of collagen from your thirties!

Don’t worry, taking health supplements doesn’t need to be a difficult task! Here are some of the best collagen supplements that are both convenient and delicious, while still helping you maximise its health benefits.

Mealite's Pomegranate Collagen Jelly Sticks is a tasty way to get your daily collagen intake, with the tangy flavour of pomegranate, which is a fruit with many benefits for women as well. Simply pop a stick into your bag everyday and have it on-the-go!

Weekly Lab’s Collagen Peptide Capsule Supplements come in individually-packed portions of collagen peptide capsule. This makes it easy and convenient to take your daily dose without having to lug the whole bottle of pills out with you. 

For those who prefer drinking collagen, the Collagen Diet Health Supplement Drink by Cent comes in convenient palm-sized bottles, making it light and easy to bring around. It comes in two variations - Cent D (for diet and weight loss) and Cent B (for skincare). 

Also, remember to maximise the benefits of collagen peptides by regularly consuming your collagen supplements as directed!

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