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Korean Cucumber Pepper 오이맛 고추 200g/1bag | BlueBasket

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Korean Cucumber Pepper 오이맛 고추 200g/1bag | BlueBasket

Air-flown from Korea Every Friday!

Not Spicy Cucumber Pepper with The Crunchy Texture

As it has less spiciness than other peppers and tastes like cucumber, it's named "Cucumber Pepper". It characterized its sweet taste and crunchy texture when it's chewed. Enjoy the freshness of cucumber pepper that BB prepared with Ssamjang!

Korean Cucumber Pepper, Boasting Its Not Spicy yet Flavourful Taste!

Are you fond of chilli food? If so, we'd say the seasoned cucumber pepper is your taste! A bit of pepper powder, soy sauce and sugar makes the best combination! Depending on your preference, the plum extract will be a good choice. If you're not a spicy lover, add paprika powder instead of cucumber pepper powder to enjoy exotic side dishes.

Storage Instructions

  • Refrigerate at 0 to 10°C in the plastic bag upon receiving the product.
  • Quick consumption is recommended.
  • Dry it off and wrap it with the newspaper or kitchen roll.
  • If you leave it at room temperature, it may shrink.

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