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to order your Christmas favourites at special rates

BlueBasket is proud to announce that we have partnered Chef Xavier, an ex-Raffles Hotel Head Chef with over 20 years of culinary experience, to curate an exclusive Christmas Menu just for you.

True to our origin, our Christmas specialties are infused with traditional Korean flavours for a unique East-meets-West cuisine. Take your pick from our divine spread of 7 Christmas dishes, each one bound to spark your taste bud fancies!

Roasted Bulgogi Turkey

A festive signature dish in every household during Christmas dinners! Our choice turkeys are slow-roasted with Chef Xavier's special marinade consisting of bulgogi sauce and a secret mix of herbs and spices to enhance the juicy flavours of the meat. Comes with a generous portion of turkey stuffings and served with a side of tangy spicy mango sauce. 

Crackling Pork Roulade

Another Christmas favourite on our list! Our Crackling Pork Roulade consists of slabs of tender pork belly stuffed with spicy apple slaw and mixed herbs for a sweet and savoury pairing. Roasted to perfection to achieve the most satisfying crackling crust that everyone loves! Comes with side accompaniments such as sliced pineapples, jambu and baby potatoes. Served with our signature BB dipping sauce. 

Seafood & Lobster Combo in Tteokbokki Sauce

Seafood lovers, rejoice! Chef Xavier's rendition of the famous Louisγ…‘ana Seafood in a Bag comes with heaps of assorted seafood such as Canadian lobsters, flower crabs, tiger prawns, clams, mussels and scallops mixed with the popular Korean tteokbokki sauce. Served with Korean rice cakes and an extra packet of tteokbokki sauce. We have also added in an extra packet of tteokbokki sauce because who doesn't love tteokbokki?

Braised Beef Short Ribs in Galbi Sauce

Chef Xavier has developed his own version of the highly popular Galbi Jjim so that you can enjoy it in Singapore this Christmas! Premium Angus Beef Short Ribs marinated in galbi sauce and slow-braised with pear juice, fresh apples and assorted vegetables for over 3 hours - this is one Christmas specialty that you should not miss!

Baked Oyster Mentaiko (6 pcs)

Freshly-flown US live oysters baked with cheddar and mozzarella cheese, topped off with a generous layer of torched mentaiko sauce.

Shepherd's Pie with Butter Chicken

Classic Shepherd's Pie, reinvented with Singaporeans' favourite local delight - Butter Chicken! Need we say more?

Chef's Dessert Specials

Chef Xavier's selected assortment of pastries and sweet treats, for the perfect finish to your Christmas dinner

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