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Karahyang 제주 감귤 카라향 1.2kg | Bluebasket

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Karahyang 제주 감귤 카라향 1.2kg

The later it's harvested, the more scrumptious it is! Jeju Karahyang


Unlike tangerine orange, Karahyang boasts a sweet flavour that lingers in your mouth! Though it resembles the orange, as soon as you have one bite of it, you will be simply amazed at how flavoursome it is! It is more precious fruit, hanging onto tree for the longest period of time, that you can meet only in 2 months in Spring.

Full of sweetness in thick peel!

As spring rolls in, now Karahyang is now available to purchase! It has a sweeter taste than other fruit and full of juice! The skin is rough and its general size like tangerine makes it easier to peel with hands.

Storage Instruction

  • When storing it for a long time, pack it individually in plastic or ziploc bags and refrigerate it.
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