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Korean Frozen Sweet Persimmon 6pcs 냉동 홍시ㅣ청도대감


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Korean Frozen Sweet Persimmon

There's no better way to beat the heat than by enjoying some refreshing chilled persimmons that are seedless, with flesh that melts in your mouth. These persimmons are 100% natural so all you taste is the natural sweetness of the fruit.

Breed Information

These persimmons are a well-known breed grown and harvested in Cheongdo, South Korea and are distinguished by their seedless smooth flesh and high sugar content. Each persimmon is frozen as it is upon harvesting. 

Product Information


The Cheongdo district is surrounded by mountains on all sides, and encounters heavy fog during the flowering season in May. These conditions make it difficult for natural pollination to occur, resulting in seedless persimmons.

100% Natural

These persimmons are freshly harvested in Cheongdo and frozen with no additional preservatives. The seedless and smooth flesh can be easily enjoyed and are a great source of nutrients. 

Quality Taste

The persimmons have gone through strict quality control under experts and are ensured to be of high quality with no bitter taste at all.

Individually Packed

Each persimmon is packed in an air-tight sealed container and can be easily consumed after thawing and peeling off the skin.

Storage Information

Keep the frozen persimmons in the freezer when unconsumed as they are 100% natural with no additives and can melt quickly in Singapore's warm weather. Only leave them in room temperature to thaw before consuming.

BB Tip

The persimmons taste best when thawed till the flesh is soft and slides smoothly in your mouth!

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