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Natural Charcoal Dishwashing Liquid 천연 주방세제 (1,000 ml) | Dearcus

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Dearcus natural charcoal dishwashing liquid bottle

Natural Charcoal Dishwashing Liquid

Washing away concerns for our family's health while washing the dishes.

1 litre of Dearcus natural charcoal dishwashing liquid on BlueBasket

BB Curator Comments

Dearcus Natural Charcoal Dishwashing Liquid has the best cleaning power and will also make your kitchen look pretty. Made with edible charcoal and natural ingredients, it is very effective in removing grease.  

The Shocking Reality of Dishwashing Liquids

Did you know that small amounts of dishwashing liquid remain on your bowls even after rinsing them thoroughly? The amount of dish soap we consume in a year amounts to around 100ml! 

The concern is that normal dishwashing liquids contain foaming agents, fragrances and antifungal ingredients.

To combat this and so that you can continue washing your dishes without any health concerns, Dearcus has developed a natural dishwashing liquid with no harmful ingredients. 

Dearcus Natural Charcoal Dishwashing Liquid Features

Dearcus natural charcoal dishwashing liquid

1. Natural Dishwashing Liquid

Can be used on baby bottles, and even to wash fruits and vegetables!

Dearcus natural charcoal dishwashing liquid Cleaning Efficacy

2. Effective Cleaning Power

The Dearcus Natural Charcoal Dish Wash produces rich foam and cleans effectively. 

3. Natural Edible Charcoal as Main Ingredient

Black dishwashing liquid seems scary, doesn't it? But don't be intimidated by the colour! Charcoal is excellent for sanitisation, purification and deodorisation, so it's extremely popular in South Korea and commonly used in household products. By absorbing any bad odours, it inhibits the growth of rot bacteria. It also has excellent antibacterial properties and an abundance of minerals, so it works perfectly as a cleaning agent.

Dearcus natural charcoal dishwashing liquid on display

4. Stylish, Minimalistic Container

Upgrade your kitchen interior with the lovely dish wash container and a uniquely-coloured dishwashing liquid.

Black charcoal dishwashing liquid

BB Tips

  • 1ml of the Dearcus Natural Charcoal Dish Wash Liquid is good for 1L of water
  • This product is best used within 2 years from the date of manufacture
  • Double the cleaning effectiveness with Dearcus ONEDAY Multi-Use Kitchen Sponge Roll!

black charcoal dishwashing liquid


  • The dishwashing liquid can turn cloudy at temperatures under 0°C, as it does not contain any antifreeze agents and plant components.
  • The colour can turn dark and the consistency can become watery under direct sunlight and in high temperatures.
  • The colour and consistency will return to normal at room temperature. 

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