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Sosoyeon Washing Machine Cleaner Powder

Sosoyeon Washing Machine Cleaner 

No matter how many times we wash our clothes, with the humid weather, it will sometimes still have an unpleasant smell. This is not your detergent's fault, just give your washing machine a good clean and you'll see the difference!



Dearcus Sosoyeon Washing Machine Cleaner Reviews


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Ever wondered why your clothes still smell after washing them? Perhaps the problem lies with the components of your washing machine. 

Pop the Dearcus Washing Machine Cleaner, run a normal washing cycle in your washing machine and you're all set! Use this product regularly for better laundry cleaning, and for the sake of your family's skin.



Washing Machine Cleaner Powder

Why is it Important to Clean Your Washing Machine Regularly?

When you think of the dirtiest place in your home, the toilet seat naturally springs to mind. And you're right - research has found roughly 50 bacteria per square inch on your toilet seat. Yet, you're going to be surprised at how much worse your washing machine is in comparison.


Washing machines are found to have over 100 million e.coli bacteria in them, which can easily transfer to your next load of laundry. That means that no matter how you wash, no laundry load is ever completely clean! If you want to prevent getting sick from unclean clothes, run your washing machine with an empty load with a bag of the Dearcus Washing Machine Cleaner.


Sosoyeon Washing Machine Cleaner from DearCus


When to Use the Dearcus Washing Machine Cleaner?

  • If you find dust and foreign substances are frequently attached to your clothes after washing
  • If you haven't cleaned your washing machine even once since purchasing it
  • If you can't get rid of the musky or unpleasant washing smell, even after running your clothes through the dryer


    Dearcus Sosoyeon Washing Machine Cleaner FeaturesDearcus Sosoyeon Washing Machine Cleaner Powder

    1. Economical Option

    It is recommended to clean your washing machine once a month to maintain hygiene. One box of Dearcus Washing Machine Cleaner contains 4 packets that you can then use for 4 months!


    2. Keeping your laundry bacteria-free

    With a dirty washing machine, even using the best cosmetic and skincare products can't save your skin from the bacteria on your clothes. For a truly healthy skin, we recommend using a washing machine cleaner to keep your laundry sanitised and hygienic.


    3. Powerful, good ingredients only: Sodium Percarbonate + Baking Soda + Citric Acid

    Excellent for stain removal, cleaning grease and dirt, sterilisation and disinfection. No harmful components like surfactants, chlorine bleach and fluorescent whitening agents which can result in dry skin and cataracts, damage to the skin and respiratory tract, causing vomiting, enteritis and diarrhoea.


    No more bloating of washing machine cleaner

     4. Smart packaging to prevent bursting or swelling 

    Other brands' washing machine cleaning powder tends to burst out of the bag or swells up, resulting in an inflated bag. Dearcus Washing Machine Cleaner uses a one-way valve attached to a coffee bean bag so that oxygen can be discharged while blocking moisture, so it does not swell or leak. The bag also comes with a gas releasing valve.


    Sosoyeon Washing Machine Cleaner Effectiveness VS Baking Soda

     5. Proven effectiveness in breaking down grease

    By pouring the same chilli oil in a flask with water, when stirred for 1 minute each with baking soda (left) and Dearcus Washing Machine Cleaner (right), you can see in the picture above that the baking soda sinks while the Dearcus Washing Machine Cleaner starts to combine with the oil. The baking soda then sits separately from the oil, while the Dearcus Washing Machine Cleaner is decomposing the oil and turning white.


    Product Details

    • 200g per piece with 4 pieces in one pack.
    • Ingredients: Sodium Percarbonate, Baking Soda, Citric Acid, EM enzyme,  Eucalyptus oil, Green Tea extract, TAED (sterilising bleach activator).
    • Country of manufacture: South Korea


    How to clean your washing machine?


    Guide on How to Use the Washing Machine Cleaner

    Top-load washing machines

    1. Pour in hot water (above 50°C) up to the maximum water level indicator, then add Dearcus Cleanser directly into the drum and let it sit for 10 minutes to dissolve completely.
    2. Once dissolved, let the mixture sit for 90 minutes. If it is your first time cleaning your machine, or if the machine is extremely dirty, leave it for 2 hours. Please do not leave it longer than required as it may cause issues with your machine.
    3. After 90 minutes, rinse the machine by topping up the water to the maximum water level indicator, and running it once or more, as needed, on its standard course (Wash - Rinse - Dry).

    Front-load washing machines

    1. Open the Dearcus Washing Machine Cleaner packet and pour the powder directly into the drum. Do not add in the detergent slot.
    2. Close the lid of the machine and let the washing machine run on the standard laundry course (approx. 90 minutes).
    3. Rinse the drum with clean water as many times as needed after cleaning.



    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    1. I've never cleaned my washing machine before, or I haven't cleaned it in a long time. How many packets should I use?

    If the washing machine has not been cleaned for more than 6 months, it is recommended to use 2 packets of washing machine cleaner in the first cleaning. Then you may use 1 packet per month to maintain


    2. Can I use it for baby laundry as well?

    Yes! It is safe, since the washing machine cleaner is made with natural ingredients, Sodium Percarbonate, Baking Soda and Citric Acid-base.


    3. What should I do if I can't add any hot water?

    The Sosoyeon Washing Machine Cleaner can be used in cold water too, but it product performs best in hot water above 50°C. If your washing machine only can use cold water, place less water in the drum, then boil hot water separately and add it manually.


    4. I don't see any dirt or residue, was the cleaning effective?

    The amount of residue may vary, but even if there is no residue the cleaning and deodorising has been effective.


    5. I see residue dirt from the washing machine remains after rinsing. What should I do?

    Wipe off large particles of dirt, then place a clean mop or dust filter sheet and use the machine's rinse function to remove the remaining residue. It may be difficult to wash the rubber rim of the machine with just water alone, so wipe it lightly with a wet tissue.


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