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KF94 Face Mask 마스크

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KF94 Face Mask

Protect yourself and your kids with this thoughtfully designed dustproof mask that is comfortable and reliable.

These masks have gone through authorised tests and are proven to be effective. With multiple layers, they provide high protection while still being light and breathable.

Product Information


A type: 210 x 82mm (± 5mm)


B type: 210 x 80mm(± 5mm)



The masks are lined with a soft and lightweight rayon material that is thin and breathable and does not stick to the face.


Great Comfort

Mask fits perfectly around the face, leaving no room for leakages.

Functional Nose Support

Prevents slipping and misting of glasses.

Human Design

Rounded sides to provide the best fit.

Made for Long Wear

Mask retains shape even when breathing and over long periods of time.

Detached from Lips

Mask is spacious on the inside, making it easier for speaking and prevents smudging of lipstick.

3-Fold Design

Made convenient for carrying around.

Highly Elastic Ear Bands

No more hurting ears or rashes even after long periods of wear, only comfort.

Instructions for Use

  1. Ensure that you have a mask of the right size and that it is clean
  2. Hold the top of the mask and push it upwards to cover your nose and mouth
  3. Pull the elastic bands over the back of your ears and adjust the position of the mask
  4. Check for any gaps and tighten the mask where necessary

Precautions for Use

Do Not:

  • Put on the mask over a tissue or towel 
  • Use the mask if the inner surface has been stained
  • Use the mask if it has been twisted or gone out of shape
  • Use the mask in conditions with <18% oxygen levels
  • Wash the mask and reuse it as it is disposable

The mask's effectiveness is subject to environmental conditions and may not provide 100% protection at all times.

For pregnant ladies, those with respiratory conditions, children and the elderly, please remove the mask should you experience difficulties in breathing and consult a professional if necessary.

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