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Soy Sauce for Dumplings 만두가 맛있는 간장 (200ml) | Sempio

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Korean Soy Sauce for Dumplings

Ever wondered how dumpling sauces in restaurants are so tasty? Well, this bottle of soy sauce is the secret! Elevate the taste of your dumplings with this soy sauce! With this soy sauce, you no longer have to mix up your own dumpling sauce to go with your dumplings. Simply dip into this sauce and enjoy your dumplings conveniently. Highly recommended if you are a dumpling lover!

Storage Information

Store in cool and dry area before opening, and store in refrigerator after packaged is opened.


Net volume: 200ml

Ingredients: Purified water, fermented vinegar [ethanol, malt (Korea), glucose, other sugar], sugar, defatted soybean {imported (India, USA, China)}, wheat (USA), sea salt, refined salt, Korean ginger extract, other fructose, fermented spirits, garlic concentrate, lemon concentrate S

Possible allergens: Food products containing soybean

Nutrition Information Calories 125kcal (100ml)
Serving Size 100ml
21g (6%)
19g (19%)
2g (4%)
Total Fat
0g (0%)
Trans fat 0g
Saturated fat 0g (0%)
Cholesterol  0mg (0%)
Sodium 2045mg (102%)

% are based on an average person's daily intake of 2000kcal

Expiry date is as stated on the product.

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