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Colourful, Variant Taste

Kkochi (Food Skewer)

Difficulty: ★★☆☆☆
Cooking time: Less than 30min

Step 1

✔️ Cut crab meat in half, cut it into three pieces, and cut pickled radish, ham, and chives into crab meat lengths.
✔️ Cut the bottom of the mushrooms
✔️ After dividing it into two parts, cut it into crab meat thicknesses.

Step 2

✔️ Place crab meat-chives-sprout mushrooms-ham-chives-pickers-marinated crab meat in order on wooden skewers.

Step 3

✔️ Mix eggs and a little salt in a bowl to make egg water. 
✔️ Wet the skewers with pancake powder front and back, shake them off, and coat them with egg water.

Step 4

✔️ Put oil on the heated pan, and fry the skewers back and forth over medium and low heat..

Step 5

✔️ Enjoy it!


- crab meat 4 ea
- ham100g
- pickled radish 4 ea
- chives12 stems
- oyster mushroom 2ea
- egg 2ea
- bread crumbs1/2 cup
- cooking oil appropriate amount
- Salts lightly
wooden skewers12 pieces

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