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Easy & Luxurious Meal

Thick Broth Ramen

Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆
Cooking time: Less than 5min
Servings: 1


- Mayonnaise or Chipotle Mayonnaise (2 Tbsp)
- Minced Garlic (1 Clove)
- 1 Packet Soup Ramen 
- Green Onions
- Egg

Step 1

✔️ Chop up green onions to your preferred size.
✔️ Mix the ramen packet seasoning, egg, minced garlic and mayonnaise in a bowl.
✔️ If you'd like an extra spicy kick, you may also wish to replace the mayonnaise with some chipotle mayonnaise.

Step 2

✔️  Cook the ramen noodles and dried flakes in a pot.

Step 3

✔️ Once the noodles are cooked, pour all the contents in the pot into the bowl with your pre-mixed seasoning from Step 1.
✔️ Garnish with green onions before serving (optional).
✔️ If you wish, you may also add other ingredients like grilled SPAM or sausage to your bowl of ramen.

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