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Semine Chives & Green Onion Kimchi Sauce 샘표 새미네 부추 파김치 양념 120g | Sempio

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Semine Chives & Green Onion Kimchi  Sauce 샘표 새미네 부추 파김치 양념 120g

  1. No need for salting. Kimchi is made by mixing the seasoning with red pepper flakes and adding it to the main ingredient such as cabbage or radish.
  2. 2You can adjust the spiciness to taste. Choose your own red pepper flakes and add as much or as little as you’d like.
  3. 3Our secret kimchi seasoning recipe goes perfectly with the main ingredients. It’s delicious and not too salty with our secret sauce made with a perfect blend that matches the characteristics of the main ingredient.
  4. 4It tastes like authentic homemade Korean kimchi. You can enjoy authentic Korean kimchi with no artificial taste.
  5. 5We've put in an easy-to-follow recipe right on the packaging. We’ve made an ultra-simple video recipe that anyone can easily follow.

- Ingredients : Chopped garlic, chopped onion, fish sauce1(shrimp, anchovy, salt, water), salt, seasoning base(fructose, sugar, glucose, citric acid), water, kelp broth(water, starch syrup, salt, kelp, yeast extract), alcohol, fish sauce2(anchovy, yellow corvina, hairtail, large-eyed herring, salt, water), chopped ginger, modified starch

- Allergy Info. : Fish (shrimp, anchovy, yellow corvina, hairtail, large-eyed herring)

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