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Soft Tofu Stew Sauce 샘표 순두부찌개 양념 130g 3~4인분 | Sempio

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Soft Tofu Stew Sauce 샘표 순두부찌개 양념 130g 3~4인분

  1. Soft tofu stew sauce is made from beef broth rich in flavor.
  2. Easy to cook using just a few simple ingredients!
    Everyone can enjoy soft tofu stew by simply adding soft tofu, egg, and green onion.
  3. Wherever and whenever, always enjoy simple, fresh, and delicious stew.
    Easy to cook outdoors by using our guide line for water on the back of our packaging.

- Ingredients : Water, garlic, soy peptide concentrate, seafood seasoning, chili oil, beef bone extract, red pepper powder, salt, modified starch, shrimp extraxct, shrimp seasoning oil, black pepper, disodium inosinate, disodium guanylate, oleoresin paprika

- Allergy Info. : Contains soybeans, wheat and shrimp

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