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Korean Cooking Pot Gold Edition | Lassiette


 Important note

Due to size of these cookingware and limitation on international shipping packaging, BlueBasket reserves the right to limit the number of L™assiette Pot purchases for each order.


Laciette Gempot Gold Edition Cooking Pot

Eastern Design Pot with gold plated European Design Lid. A modern cookware that marries traditions of the East and the West. The perfect edition to any kitchen. Gempot Korean Cooking Pot Option

BB Curator Comment

Gempot is the embodiment of true luxury. Fashioned by high technology, this sturdy pot will be a trusty addition to any kitchen. You'll find yourself coming back to this reliable pot every single time to whip up your favourite dishes. Let your favourite home cooked meals will shine as bright as the handle of Gempot.



3 Luxurious Features of Lassiette Gempot Korean Cooking Pot Gold Edition

1. Patented Non-Crack Flat Bottom

A flat bottom ensures even and efficient distribution of heat, so that your dishes can be cooked thoroughly and uniformly in a safe manner. Say goodbye to cold or uncooked bits of food that were not able to receive heat from uneven pots.


2. European Style Design Optimised for Functional Asian Cooking

Gempot is made in Korea, inspired by traditional nickel-silver Korean pots that have been used in the East Asian peninsular for generations. Unlock the secret to tasty Korean dishes with this new European design cookware that has all the properties of traditional Korean pots. Serve your favourite dishes directly in Gempot to keep them warm thorough your meal.


3. Safe For Use With Most Cooking Appliances

Tested and approved for use with gas-tops, ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, and dish-washers.


Lassiette Korean Cooking Gold Pot Certification

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Korean Cooking Pot Gold Edition | Lassiette