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6 Years Korean Red Ginseng Extract (30 Stick Gift Box) | CNY Pre-Order


Save 53%

Please note that this is a pre-order item special for Chinese New Year 2021. Delivery will be made on 8 to 11 February 2021 for all orders of this product. 

6 Years Korean Red Ginseng Extract (Box of 30 Sticks)

Made with premium local Korean 6 years old ginseng and traditional herbs, experience the health benefits of ginseng from just one stick daily. Easy to carry, convenient to enjoy!

Limited Time Option: Chinese New Year Gift Wrapping

Send a box of 6 Years Korean Red Ginseng Extract as a gift to your loved ones, business partners or clients wrapped in traditional Korean Bojagi 보자기 cloth for an additional $6. Wrapping service is included. 

 Valid for pre-orders up to 24 January, and for deliveries from 8 to 11 February for CNY 2021.

Made with Premium 6 Year Ginseng from South Korea

Cultivated in a specialised ginseng farm in Geumsan Chungnam, South Korea, the red ginseng in the extract was grown by ginseng experts. Ensuring the highest quality used for the product.

70% of the ginseng used for this extract is taken from the ginseng body – the more expensive, premium section of the ginseng. 

Additional Herbal Ingredients Added for Extra Health Benefits

Not only ginseng, you will also enjoy a blend of traditional medicinal herbs that are powerful anti-oxidants for additional health benefits in just one stick.

Easy & Convenient Consumption

Packaged in individual 10g sticks that you can easily bring in your bag or pocket and consume for daily intake of ginseng.

Storage Information

The ginseng extract sticks are best kept in a cool area, away from direct sunlight. They are best to consume within 2 years from the manufacturing date.

6 Years Korean Red Ginseng Extract (30 Stick Gift Box) | CNY Pre-Order

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