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12 pcs Cellulose Nano Fibre Kitchen Towel | Abode


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Cellulose Nano Fibre Kitchen Towel

An adorable pack of 12 kitchen towels each printed with a different design from 3 different themes. Not only do they add interest to your dining table and kitchen, they are extremely functional as a cleaning towel and made with high quality material.

Product Specifications

Size: 17 x 20cm

Material: Cellulose fibre from Germany


Cellulose Fibre

1. Natural Material from Northern Europe

100% bio-degradable eco-friendly material.

2. High Durability

Does not disintegrate or tear easily even after repeated use.

3. High Absorbency

Besides being great at absorbing moisture, it also picks up dust well and dries quickly, making it really convenient to use.

4. Handy for Cleaning

Embossed surface cleans well even after multiple use without washing.


  • Characteristic of natural fibres, the towels may have dark spots
  • You may use the towels after soaking but the material may go out of shape
  • As the towels have not been bleached, they are an off-white shade instead of pure white

12 pcs Cellulose Nano Fibre Kitchen Towel | Abode

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