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Probiotic & Zinc Supplement Actively | Weekly lab


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Actively Probiotics & Zinc Supplement

Actively Probiotics & Zinc Supplement Capsules

Easy & convenient to consume, boost your gut health with Weekly Lab's daily Actively Probiotic & Zinc capsules.

BB Curator Comments

Patented lactobacillus probiotics and zinc to maintain a healthy gut for an active life! Comes in pre-packaged daily capsules for convenient consumption.

Weekly Lab Actively Probiotics & Zinc Supplement

1. Help Maintain A Healthy Balance of Bacteria in the Gut

The probiotics in Weekly Lab's Actively Probiotics & Zinc capsules help maintain a balanced gut flora that keeps your stomach's acidity

2. Up to 18 Lactobacillus Types with Guaranteed 500,000,000 CFU

15,000,000,000 CFU input with guaranteed at least 500,000,000 CFU absorbed.

3. Healthy Sub-Ingredients

Packed with other healthy sub-ingredients like propolis, quercetin, bromelain, fiber, and cranberries for the best health outcome. 

Probiotic & Zinc Supplement Actively | Weekly lab

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