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Aircon Deodorant Cleaner Air Refreshener Spray 에어컨탈취제 (500ml) | BAS

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Aircon Deodorant Cleaner Spray

Did you know? Your air conditioners at home or in your cars could be as dirty as toilet bowls! It is very important to clean our air conditioners regularly because it affects the air we breathe in everyday. Overtime, our air conditioners collect not only dust, but also many types of harmful bacteria, mould, and toxic chemicals. However, cleaning air conditioners requires so much time and energy, especially since it requires some climbing. Well, with BAS's Aircon Deodorant Cleaner Spray, it'll be easy and fast to clean - no climbing required!

BAS Aircon Deodorant Cleaner Spray Features

  • Very convenient and easy to use with the spray bottle packaging
  • Easily cleans high areas and corners of aircon which are hard to reach
  • Has both air refreshening, bacteria killing and cleaning qualities
  • Makes your homes smell good with a mild, refreshing natural scent

How to Use?

  1. Switch off the air conditioner and relevant electricity power.
  2. Spray it on the cooling fins and air vents. 
  3. Let it dry for a while before turning on the air conditioner.
  4. Please ensure to use it in a well-ventilated environment as being enclosed with high concentration of the chemicals from the spray may be harmful to your health.

*For Car Usage: 

  • Please do not ride in your cars immediately after using the product.
  • After 5 minutes of using the spray, set the air conditioner for internal or external circulation and wait for at least 20 minutes before switching the air conditioners on again. 
  • Please refrain from using product on the driver's area due to the presence of electronic gears.

Why use BAS Aircon Deodorant Cleaner Spray?

BAS Aircon Deodorant Cleaner Spray has exceptional cleaning abilities and certified bacteria sterilizing properties. As compared to regular deodorisers and air refresheners, this is an additional, important quality that you would want to have in your homes. Rather than simply changing how the air around you smells like with chemicals, you'll surely prefer to have the air cleaned from its source - bacteria and harmful toxins collected in your air conditioners. It is absolutely convenient and easy to use, and especially useful for drivers as well.

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