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[Airflown every week] 쾌변요구르트150ml* 4개입-사과맛 Fiber Yogurt Apple | 롯데푸드

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[Airflown every week] 쾌변요구르트150ml* 4개입-사과맛 | 롯데푸드

The Melody of Yogurt and Sweet Apple!

QueByeon Yogurt contains 20% of apple juice, optimizing this amazing flavour!

Come out, Come Out, Wherever You Are

Introducing to you, QueByeon Yogurt! Fermented milk for the whole family's intestinal health released in 2005. Characterized by a neobiotics system combining complex lactic acid bacteria and dietary fiber, also registered as the first functional-labeled general food among every fermented milk product in Korea in Feb 2021.

    Ever Felt Uncomfy After Drinking Milk? It's Lactose-Free!

    Applying the patented Lactose-Free method! Even if you ever felt discomfortable after drinking milk, you can drink QueByeon Yogurt without the stomach pain, when lactose cannot be digested.

    With the neobiotics system of probiotics and prebiotics dietary fiber(food for lactobacillus), it creates a healthy environment in the intestine by increasing the amount of beneficial bacteria and suppressing the harmful bacteria.

      What You Will Be Getting

      • 4pcs of PASTEUR QueByeon Yogurt 150ml apple flavour

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