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Amazing Seasoning Powder 아이엠소스 시즈닝 (2 Flavours, 70g) | i am sauce

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I Am Sauce Amazing Seasoning Powder

I Am Sauce's Amazing Seasoning Powder can be added easily to any of your meals or snacks to spice it up with extra flavour! The seasoning powder comes in 2 trending flavours -  Bburingkling (Sweet and savoury combination of onion, garlic and cheese flavours) as well as Honey Butter ï»?savoury butter with sweet honey, the best selling combination). 

Storage Information 

Please store product in a cool, dry place. 


Net volume: 70g X 1 Bottle

Possible allergens: 

Honey Butter - Milk

Bburingkling - Beef, wheat, soybean, milk

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