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Raw Fresh Ginseng (15 Roots) | CNY 2021 Gift Pre-order


Save 36%

Please note that this is a pre-order item special for Chinese New Year 2021. Delivery will be made on 8 to 11 February 2021 for all orders of this product. 

Raw Fresh Ginseng (15 Roots) Gift Set

Enjoy the health benefits of raw, fresh 6-year ginseng with this box of 15 roots. Air flown from South Korea, fresh after harvesting & packing.

Limited Time Option: Chinese New Year Gift Wrapping

Send a box of 6 Years Korean Red Ginseng Extract as a gift to your loved ones, business partners or clients wrapped in traditional Korean Bojagi 보자기 cloth for an additional $6. Wrapping service is included. 

 Valid for pre-orders up to 24 January, and for deliveries from 8 to 11 February for CNY 2021.


Health Benefits of Raw Ginseng

Enjoy the many benefits of regular consumption of raw ginseng. 

  1. Replenishes body energy and improves immunity
  2. Anti-oxidant, anti-cancer
  3. Helps with diabetes 
  4. Prevention of respiratory diseases
  5. Prevention of hypertension
  6. Prevention of osteoporosis and anemia
  7. Relieve fatigue and stress
  8. Alleviating menopausal symptoms 
  9. Anti-aging and skin care benefits


These raw ginseng were cultivated in Geumsan, Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea where ginseng has been a signature produce of the area. The Geumsan traditional ginseng agricultural system is also a very important agricultural heritage in the Korean culture as it boasts the best produce of ginseng in the country. 

What You Will be Getting

A tray of 15 pieces 6-year raw Asian Ginseng. Each tray measures 17cm by 40cm. 

4 Ways to Enjoy Fresh Raw Ginseng

Idea #1

Add 1.5 to 2 litres of water, 100 to 150g fresh ginseng, ginger and jujube in water, and boil over low heat for 3 hours. You may drink the concoction 2-3 times a day.

Idea #2

Add 20 to 30g of sliced fresh ginseng in a blender with 150 ml of milk and blend gently. You can also add honey if you prefer a sweeter drink.

Idea #3

Slice the fresh ginseng thinly, soak it in honey, store it in the refrigerator, and enjoy it regularly.

Idea #4

Make Korea's popular dish, Samgyetang or Ginseng Chicken Soup!

Storage Method & Recommendation

To preserve the freshness of the raw ginseng, it is recommended to keep the ginseng refrigerated in 1-2 degrees Celsius and to be eaten within 7 days from receiving. 

Raw Fresh Ginseng (15 Roots) | CNY 2021 Gift Pre-order

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