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Baby Wet Wipes (70pcs) | OLDAM


Baby Wet Wipes

Oldam Baby Wet Wipes, a popular product among Korean mothers, is now available in Singapore! Manufactured in Korea using safe and natural ingredients, this product is good for daily use for cleaning babies' hands and mouth, and is safe for sensitive skin too. 

Safe and Natural Ingredients

Oldam's Baby Wet Wipes contain only safe moisturising ingredients that have attained FDA approval. With a meticulous water purification system, 99.9% of micro-organisms and foreign matter is removed and only purified water is used. The product also contains extracts of clean natural plants from Jeju Island, which keep skin fresh and creates a soothing and moisturising effect.

Thick and Tightly Woven Fabric

Oldam's Baby Wet Wipes use thick premium embossed fabric that is durable, has a good wipe feeling and is twice as dense as conventional embossed fabrics. The tightly woven texture also helps keep dust out and prevents fluffing after cleaning. 

What You Will be Getting

A packet of Oldam Baby Wet Wipes that comes with 70 pieces of wet wipes. The packaging comes with a premium one-touch cap that is convenient and hygienic. 

Baby Wet Wipes (70pcs) | OLDAM

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