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Black Sesame Injeolmi Rice Cake 흑임자 인절미 200g | Rodem Food

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Chewy black sesame Injeolmi that tastes as though freshly steamed
A nutritious snack made from domestic glutinous rice with plenty of fragrant black sesame seeds

Preparation Guide

Take it out and leave it at room temperature for 2 hours
This ensures that this snack maintains its chewiness
(Shake before consuming to ensure it's evenly coated)

Ingredients list

Glutinous Rice (Korea), Black sesame (China), Sugar, Bay salt (Korea),
Other processed food, Concoction [SG-ester-1/ Glycerin, Poly glycerin ester of fatty acid, Glycerin ester of fatty acid, Propylene glycol of fatty acids,
Propylene glycol, Water], Vegetable oil

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