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No Sebum Facial Mist | Bonajour


Bonajour no sebum mist packaging layed over yellow cloth and fresh herbs

No Sebum Bbosong Mist

A non-oily, non-sticky mist spray to remove excess sebum and keep your skin feeling soft and smooth all day.



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BB Curator Comments

The Bonajour Bbosong Mist spray contains a special powder that absorbs excess sebum from our skin but does not remove the natural moisture our skin has. This helps to keep our skin feeling fresh, and looking soft and smooth. Definitely a necessity in Singaporeans weather!




Bonajour no sebum mist packaging laid over toilet tiled flooring

Bonajour No Sebum Bbosong Mist Features

1. 2-in-1 product that removes oil and moisturises skin at the same time.

2. Product removes oil but not makeup, unlike oil blotting paper and loose powder puffs.

3. The Bonajour Bbosong Mist spray is a good size to carry around in your handbag.


Bonajour no sebum mist yellow background


Who Use This Product?

This spray can be used by all regardless of skin types, gender, and age. Particularly recommended for people with oily, combination skin.


How to Use Bonajour No Sebum Mist

1. Do shake well before usage to prevent the spray pump from getting clogged.

2. Hold product 20-30cm away from your face and spray

*Product includes a spare spray pump for use in the event that the original pump is clogged.




Can I use the Bonajour Bbosong Mist spray on my scalp?

It is possible to use it on your scalp but as the product has a moisturising effect, you may feel some dampness in your hair. As such, we recommend that you use the product only on your face.

Can I use it without makeup on my face?

Yes, you may use it without makeup. As the product contains powdery substances, it is recommended that you cleanse your face before going to sleep.




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No Sebum Facial Mist | Bonajour