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Brown Rice Crackers 바른쌀과자 (70g) | WooriGoggan


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Brown Rice Crackers

A healthy rice snack that retains all the nutrients of brown rice without the unpleasant texture so that anyone can enjoy the goodness of this natural ingredient. Made in small bite-sized bits that are packaged in a resealable bag for convenient on-the-go consumption.

Product Details

100% organic snack made of natural ingredients and gluten-free.

Ingredients: 99.9% self-milled brown rice (Korea), enzymatically modified stevia 0.01% (Korea)

Contents: 70g packet with about 50-70 pieces of brown rice crackers

Why  WooriGoggan?

Self-milled Brown Rice

WooriGoggan's snacks are all made from high-quality brown rice that is milled in-house. Brown rice retains a larger amount of nutrients than white rice and contains 4-5 times more calcium, vitamin B1, B2 and niacin, and 15 times more vitamin E. 

Handmade with a Small Production Line

Every snack is made by a small, experienced group of production staff with the utmost level of care and attention to ensure the finest quality.

Natural Sweetener

WooriGoggan's brown rice crackers contain stevia instead of sugar, which adds a sweet taste while keeping the snack at 0kcal and a GI index of 0. 

Resealable Packaging

Beautiful packaging design that caters to the needs of busy moderners. You can enjoy the healthy snack on-the-go with this light 70g packet that is easy to bring around and store away.

Storage Information

Keep the product in a cool and dry place away from direct exposure to sunlight. Always ensure that the zipper bag is resealed when not consuming.

Brown Rice Crackers 바른쌀과자 (70g) | WooriGoggan

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