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Collagen Diet Health Supplement Drink | Cent

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Cent Collagen Supplement Drink

Cent is a concentrated ampoule drink that can be taken as a health supplement. They are a simple way to take care of your health from inside out and contain only ingredients approved by the KFDA to be safe for consumption.

Product Description

The Cent liquid supplement comes in two types for different functions, with Cent B (Beauty) for healthier skin, and Cent D (Diet) for a healthier body.

Cent D

With Applephenon Extract certified by the KFDA, Cent D effectively maintains your body weight and decreases fat percentage. Having a bottle of Cent D is equivalent to consuming 250 green apples.

Cent D's Special Formula:

  • Applephenon (main ingredient)
  • L-Carnitin 
  • Lemon balm extract
  • Hibiscus extract

Recommended for those who:

  • are tired of dieting
  • trying not to eat much
  • wish to maintain their body shape
  • wish to dress up
  • wish to lose their tummy fat

Cent B

Cent B is made for the skin and fills you up from within to revitalise your tired skin. Its key ingredient, honeybush extract is known to be effective for:

Cent B's Special Formula:

  • Honeybush extract (main ingredient)
  • Collagen
  • Vitamin C

Recommended for those who:

  • enjoy outdoor activities and sports
  • wish to have firmer skin
  • have skin that are damaged from exposure to sunlight
  • have rough skin from being outdoors for long periods
  • experience skin fatigue

What You Will Be Getting

Each box contains 12 x 25ml bottles of the Cent supplement drink of your choice.

'Tritan' Bottle

Each Cent ampoule is packaged in a 'Tritan' eco-friendly bottle. 'Tritan' is a safe material used in cookware and baby bottles in the USA, Canada and Europe. It combines qualities from both glass and plastics and does not release any harmful chemicals.

 How to Consume

We recommend taking 1 bottle a day. Shake the bottle well before drinking as there can be powder sediments at the bottom. You can drink it cool or with water according to personal preference. 

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