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Airtight Spice Rack & Containers | Changsin Living



BT Cruet Spice Rack with Box Containers

The spice rack that organises all your seasonings neatly in one place.




BB Curator Comments

No more rummaging through kitchen cabinets, have every seasoning on hand at any moment. The Changsin Living BT spice rack is airtight and comes with a lock function so that your seasonings don?™t become soggy. Organise your kitchen with the BT Cruet Seasoning Containers, your new kitchen organiser.



Changsin BT Cruet Seasoning Box Containers Features

 1. Airtight seal all your spices easily

Opening and closing are easy, with no worry about spillage with the in-built clips on boxes. You can also lock in the freshness and taste of your spices with the airtight seal.



Changsin Living Spice Rack Condiment Container

 2. Complimentary condiment spoon in every jar

Each seasoning box in the set comes with a specially designed spoon that is attached to the lid for easy spice retrieval when cooking. 



 3. Additional storage space on top of the rack

The flat top of the Changsin Living BT Cruet Spice Box helps you store more items on top of your seasoning set.


4. A label for every box

Easily find the right spice you need at a glance, with customisable stickers provided with each purchase (6 stickers provided).


5. Product that is made in Korea

High quality assurance that is worth-every-cent.



Dimensions of Changsin Living BT Cruet Spice Rack

1. BT Cruet 3P


2. BT Cruet 4P


Do ensure that there is sufficient space on your kitchen counter and account for the amount of spices and seasoning you intend to store before purchase



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Airtight Spice Rack & Containers | Changsin Living