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Stackable Airtight Food Containers | Changsin Living



Changsin Living Refridgerator Airtight Containers

Sense System Korean Airtight Food Storage Containers

The perfect food container set to organise your food and ingredients in your fridge. Experience the joy of a neatly arranged fridge.

Changsin Living Sense System Korean Airtight Food Containers Review


BB Curator Comments

Arrange all your ingredients and food in neat food containers designed to make tidying up simple. Stack and organise your food containers easily with its simplistic modular design from Korea's Changsin Living. Made of completely colourless and odourless material, these airtight food containers store your food safely and hygienically. 

Changsin Living Sense System Airtight Food Container Features

Modular Stackable Food Container

 1. Modular Design for Space Optimisation.

Stack food containers on top of one another as needed and no need to worry about stacks toppling over. It is recommended to not stuff your fridge with several containers from random brands to create a sense of tidiness. 

Korean Stackable Transparent Food Containers

 2. Transparent Food Containers

Get an overview of your entire fridge at a glance. No more wasting time and electricity rummaging through mess. Simply retrieve your desired ingredient or food in less time. 

Transparent Airtight Food Container

3. Magnetic Bottom that Preserves Freshness

By minimising food contact with the bottom of the container, freshness is locked in for that much longer.

BPA Free Flexible Lid Food Container

 4. Quality Assurance with Flexible BPA-Free Lid and Rigid Body

Made with heat and shock resistant LDPF material, Changsin Living Refrigerator Food Containers can be opened and closed smoothly even when frigid cold. Do take note that the LDPF lid may lose its integrity if heated or dried in a dishwasher so avoid cleaning the lid with hot water.

5. Suitable for Food Storage in Freezer

The container is made with transparent and temperature resistant SAN material that can withstand temperatures as low as -30C.

Korean Microwavable Airtight Food Container

6. Microwaveable 

You may use the Changsin Living Food Containers for heating purposes in the microwave of up to 3 minutes.




  • When stored in the fridge, contents may overflow if the food container is filled to more than 80% of its capacity. Fill the container only up to 80% of its capacity when freezing liquid.
  • In freezers that are heavily frosted, the seal on the lid may be released due to external moisture.
  • When heating oil-rich foods such as curries, stew, porridge, pizza, and cheese, temperatures may exceed the container?™s heat resistance threshold, resulting in deformation. Do take care to transfer hot, oily food into a separate container before heating up in the microwave.
  • Do not use over direct flames, grills, or ovens.  


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Stackable Airtight Food Containers | Changsin Living