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Chapagetti Bumbuk 짜파게티 범벅 | Nongshim


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A smaller version of the original large Chapagetti cup noodles but with the same thick sauce makes the dish even more flavourful and delicious. Thick, creamy, and savoury black bean sauce with springy noodles - just the perfect snack for any day!


Cooking Instructions

1. Open the lid till the dotted line and add in the soup powder

2. Add in water until the line shown inside the bowl

3. Close the lid and let it cook for 4 minutes

4. Remove the lid, mix well and enjoy


Nutritional Information

Sodium, Carbohydrate, Sugar, Fat, Saturated Fat, Protein, Calcium



Contains wheat, soybean, pork, milk, egg, shrimp and beef

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