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Cheonggukjang Jjigae 청국장찌개 600g | Namdo


Cheonggukjang Jjigae

Fermented soybean paste stew with a variety of rich ingredients with a thick and flavourful savoury broth.

Enjoy with a warm bowl of rice for a heart meal.


  • Fermented soy bean paste, Purified water, Cabbage kimchi, Tofu, Radish, Green Onion, Enoki mushrooms, Cheongyang pepper, Sodium L-glutamate, Broth

Hansik Namdo (남도애꽃)

Namdo is a home convenience food brand established by CEO Jeong Mi-ja, who has been running a Korean food restaurant since 2000. She created this brand with the idea of making Korean food that can be eaten at home and developed products after much research and development. Products are developed in a way where the highest quality ingredients are used and sourced from the original places so that anyone can enjoy the delicacies of Korea. Through Namdo, she hopes that the Korean culture through Korean cuisine can be promoted to the whole world. 


Store in a freezer upon receiving (-18 to 0 degrees Celcius)
Thaw in the fridge for 1 day before consuming/cooking


Cheonggukjang Jjigae 청국장찌개 600g | Namdo

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