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Cheonhyehyang Jeju Tangerine (3kg Box)


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Cheonhyehyang Jeju Tangerines

Extremely fragrant and juicy with thin peel and soft flesh. Cheonhyehyang also means the 'scent that reaches heaven'.


Breed Information

Cheonhyehyang Tangerines are a cross breed between an orange and tangerine. They are also known as Setoka Tangors. Known to have a higher brix level (sugar level measure for fruit), the Cheonhyehyang is sweet and very fragrant.

BlueBasket's Cheonhyehyang is harvested in Jeju Island, Seogwipo farm with over 30 years of expertise in growing tangerines. 

What You Will be Getting

A box with 3kg Cheonhyeyang Tangerine fresh, air flown from Jeju Island. Each box contains approximately 9 to 12 pieces depending on the size & weight of each tangerine. Total weight will be 3kg.


ChenHyeHyang Tangerine

Storage Information

Keep the tangerines refrigerated when not consumed. As tangerines have a high moisture content, it can get mouldy and spoil when it is kept at Singapore's humid, room temperature for a long period of time. Here are also more tips on how to store your tangerines.

BB Tip

As the tangerines are freshly picked from the farm, it might taste a little sour for some. For those who prefer to have their tangerines a little sweeter, leave them out for a few days for them to ripen.

Cheonhyehyang Jeju Tangerine (3kg Box)

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