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[1+1 Deal] Chewy Noodle 쫄면사리 (100g) | MiiN


A Delicious Must-Have!

[MiiN Tteokbokki] Chewy Noodle

Chewy Noodle that offers a different charm from the chewy rice cakes we are used to. A definite must-try! Be it with spicy red sauce or savoury black jjajang sauce, the chewy noodles soak up the gravy and pair extremely well with the various MiiN Tteokbokki flavours.


?”️ Enjoy a more substantive meal by adding chewy noodles to your tteokbokki (topokki)
?”️ Add the chewy noodles to MiiN Tteokbokki and top it off with hotdog for a perfect combination
?”️ Can be added to a wide variety of dishes such as dumplings, spicy stir-fried chicken (??°ˆë¹? and potato and pork rib stew (감자?? for added enjoyment

Maker?™s Story

MiiN Tteokbokki | MiiN F&B Corporation

MiiN Tteokbokki - tteokbokki that is well-loved by beauties

From collagen tteokbokki to sesame leaf soup tteokbokki and cream tteokbokki, MiiN Tteokbokki has released various popular sold-out tteokbokki flavours where everything from rice cakes to sauce have been meticulously manufactured. MiiN Tteokbokki only uses tteokbokki that is freshly picked and packed every morning, going by the principle of selling same-day manufactured products to ensure quality. This is also how the brand has managed to build up loyalty and trust among customers and remained so popular and well-loved for 5 years straight. 

What's Included

Chewy noodle (100g)

Delivery Packaging

All BlueBasket?™s frozen items are delivered in a thermal bag to preserve the freshness and quality of the food products.

Net Volume: 100g

Ingredients: Flour (Australia) , mixed sanctions (sodium carbonate, potassium carbonate)


[1+1 Deal] Chewy Noodle 쫄면사리 (100g) | MiiN

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