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Choco-tein Chickpea Chocolate Snack (90g) | Mealite


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Choco-tein Chickpeas

A healthy and delicious chocolate snack which contains chickpeas, a super food known for its high protein content. Now you can satisfy your chocolate cravings while improving your health!

Awesome Ingredients


Choco-tein is the first ever chickpea chocolate snack. Chickpeas are widely known as a superfood that not only has high protein content, but also contains calcium, dietary fibre, and magnesium, which are all beneficial to our health.


The chocolate coating on Choco-tein contains more than 50% cacao that are of the highest quality and cultivated by a specialist company in Spain with 75 years of experience.

No Sugar

Choco-tein does not contain any sugar at all, so you can enjoy the snack with no worries about sugar intake that may cause health problems.

Great Taste

No one enjoys chocolate that is tasteless. Choco-tein does not compromise on taste even while being healthy to consume. The chickpeas have been blanched, dried, and roasted with Mealite's special process to retain the original nutty flavour while giving them a crunchy texture.

Even Healthier

No Artificial Colourings, Minimal Artificial Flavourings

Choco-tein is made by reducing the unnecessary ingredients to the minimum.

Contains Unripe Apple Extract

According to the Korea Food Research Institute, unripe apples contain 10x more polyphenol than normal apples. 

Mixed with 17 Types of Grain

A huge variety of grains are contained in the Choco-tein snack for better flavour and added nutrients.

Benefits of Chocolate

As chocolate contains nutrients like polyphenol and theobromine, eating it everyday helps maintain our health besides making us feel good!

What You Will Be Getting

 A 90g pack of Mealite Choco-tein.

Consumption and Storage

How Much to Consume

It is recommended that you consume about 20-30g of Choco-tein a day. 1 pack contains 90g and is ideal for sharing among friends and family. Choco-tein is a great nutritious snack for kids to enjoy as well.

When to Consume

When you are feeling hungry, when your sugar levels are low, when you are tired or bored!

Store in a Cool and Dry Place

The best condition for storing chocolate is 65% humidity and between 12 and 18°C. It would be best to keep it refrigerated in Singapore's climate.


What kind of product is Mealite Choco-tein?

Chocolate is an addictive snack that is soft and sweet and keeps people coming back for more. However, many are worried about consuming too much due to the high amounts of sugar and ingredients that are possibly harmful towards our health. That's why we have created a healthy chocolate snack that can be enjoyed with no guilt at all.

What are the ingredients used?

Chickpeas, sugar-free dark chocolate, unripe apple extract, and 17 types of grain. Unnecessary ingredients have been reduced to the minimum in the chocolate-making process.

How long can the product be stored?

The expiry date is 12 months from the production date (please refer to the stated expiry date on the product packaging). However, it is recommended that you finish consuming a pack of Choco-tein as soon as possible upon unsealing it. In warm weather, keep the Choco-tein refrigerated before consuming.

Can I consume Choco-tein while on a fasting routine?

Yes you can. We recommend consuming about 20-30g of Choco-tein a day.

Ingredients: Crispy chickpeas (chickpeas 100% - USA, Canada, Myanmar) 32.89%, sugar-free dark chocolate [(chocolate liquor 41.3%, D-Maltitol, cocoa butter 15.1%, low-fat cocoa extract 4.7%, soybean lecithin, natural flavouring (vanilla) - Spain] 65.39%, unripe apple extract 0.66% - Poland, 17 mixed grains extract 0.66% - Korea, processed sugar products, shellac (alcohol)

Nutrition Information 90g
Sodium 0mg (0%)
Carbohydrates 51g (16%)
Sugars 0g (0%)
26g (48%)
Trans fat
Saturated fat
14g (95%)
0mg (0%)
Protein 9g (16%)

% are based on an average person's daily intake of 2000kcal

Refer to product packaging for expiry date.

Choco-tein Chickpea Chocolate Snack (90g) | Mealite

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