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Chuncheon Potato Bread 감자빵 (10 pcs) | Gamzabatt


Chuncheon Potato Bread

The irresistible Chuncheon Potato Bread that got everyone travelling from all over South Korea to try is finally here! Chuncheon, the capital city of Gangwon-do is largely known for its potatoes. Specifically, the Chuncheon Potato Bread uses the sweet Rose Red Potato that is freshly harvested by the young farmers in Chuncheon. Makes for a simple yet delicious and filling breakfast for busy working adults and children!

Product Features

  • Potato fillings stuffed within a chewy exterior
  • Sweet yet savoury taste
  • Tight quality control processes to ensure the best for you
  • Made with potatoes freshly harvested from the farms in Chuncheon

BB Tip

  • Put the bread in the air fryer for 10minutes at 200°C for a crispy on the outside and moist on the inside texture.
  • Microwave the bread for a minute to defrost, and an additional minute to get a chewy texture.

Storage Information 

Please keep product in the freezer. Product is best consumed within 6 months from the manufacturing date.

Brand Information

Gamzabatt Cafe is run by young farmers who personally source for and harvest quality ingredients throughout the country to make highly popular desserts and drinks. 

Net Volume: 120g x 10 pcs

Ingredients: Potato 33% (Korea), kidney bean 15% (Korea), purified water, butter 9.7% (New Zealand), Pine Soft T, egg, almond powder, Pine Soft 202, Pine Soft C, fresh cream, sugar, rice flour, cooking oil, salt, bean powder, black sesame powder

Possible allergens: Food products containing soybean, milk, almond and egg

Nutrition Information

Calories 254kcal (per 100g)


188.2mg (9%)


37.1g (11%)


12.7g (13%) 

Total Fat

10g (19%)

Trans fat


Saturated fat

4.7g (31%)


0.6mg (0.2%)


3.9g (7%)

% are based on an average person's daily intake of 2000kcal

Please refer to expiry date as stated on the product.

Chuncheon Potato Bread 감자빵 (10 pcs) | Gamzabatt

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