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ONEDAY Multiuse Kitchen Towel Box | Dearcus

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Dearcus ONEDAY Multiuse Kitchen Towel Napkin Box displayed on the window sill of a white tiled bathroom

ONEDAY Multi-use Kitchen Towel

Convenient, disposable & hygienic kitchen towel made with 99.9% antibacterial fabric, with no harmful substances. 

Dearcus ONEDAY Multiuse Kitchen Towel Napkin Box white packaging with hexagon beeswax pattern. Get the best deals and prices on BlueBasket.
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BB Curator Comments

Kitchen dish towels are a must-have, but the damp smell and hygiene is usually a problem. ONEDAY Kitchen Towel is more hygienic than other cloth dish towels but also more eco-friendly than other disposable dish towels. Say goodbye to washing and drying old dish towels!

Disposable and Reusable Kitchen Towel by ONEDAY

Are you maintaining your kitchen dish towel the right way?

A wet dishcloth accumulates up to 1 million times more bacteria after only 12 hours. The World Health Organisation has said that about 25% of food poisoning cases are caused by secondary infections, due to the transfer of bacteria from unsanitary cooking utensils (World Health Organisation)

If it's hard to maintain the sanitisation of multiple kitchen towels at once, it is recommended to use kitchen towels that can be disposed of after several uses like the ONEDAY Multi-Use Kitchen Towel by Dearcus.

Dearcus OneDay Multi-use Kitchen Towel Features

1. 99.9% Antibacterial Material 

This material is more hygienic than traditional towels as it prevents E. coli, staphylococcus, and rust bacteria growth and build-up that can cause food poisoning.

Dearcus ONEDAY Mutliuse Reusable Disposable Kitchen Towels

2. Also, no more worries about virus infections!

The mixture of 80% Canadian Coniferous Pulp and 20% Grey PP in the kitchen towel gets rid of bacteria and removes any possibility of viral infections.

Demonstrating the various ways to use Dearcus ONEDAY Kitchen Towels. A versatile cleaning cloth that can be used to wipe dirt and grime off bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms.

3. One Product, Multi-Function.

Can be used for cleaning the kitchen, living room & bathroom too!

4. Eco-friendly & Sanitary

Can be one-time use or reused several times before replacing, depending on the extent of use.  

Stretching demonstration for Dearcus ONEDAY Kitchen towels. Strong and durable fibres that do not tear easily.

5. Made with High-Quality Pulp

Absorbent & does not tear or shed fibres easily. It also absorbs both oil and water well, so it can also be used as a substitute for kitchen paper towels. 

Product Dimensions

Dimensions of packaging box for Dearcus ONEDAY Mutliuse Kitchen Towel Napkin

1 box: 30 sheets

Kitchen towel size: 30cm x 30cm

Box size: 11cm x 16cm x 16cm 

BB Tips

Double the cleaning effectiveness of your Dearcus ONEDAY Multi-Use Kitchen Towel with the Dearcus Natural Charcoal Dishwashing Liquid. 

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