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Direct Fire Grill Pan 직화구이팬 | Hauls Home


Direct Fire Grill Pan

Great for use at home but also the ideal camping cookware, add a touch of smoky BBQ taste to your fish, squid, prawns, meat and vegetables.

With a tray that collects oil while having gaps to allow fire to reach the food, and a double-sided grill that holds your ingredients well, easily flip your food around for thorough, even grilling.

Product Specifications


Tray - 24.5 x 20.5cm

Grill - 22.5 x 19.5cm


Tray - Enamel

Grill - Stainless steel

Cautionary Note

  • Please avoid dropping the tray and grill or exposing them to strong impacts.
  • Wash the cookware after they have been cooled.
  • Use a brush specifically made for stainless steel to wash the grill.

Refunds are not possible for:

  • Brown discolourations from direct exposure to fire.
  • Minor scratch marks on the product as these are a natural occurrence characteristic of the material.

Direct Fire Grill Pan 직화구이팬 | Hauls Home

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