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Disposable Jelly Dehumidifier (30g x 72 Pcs) | Made in Korea


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Disposable Jelly Dehumidifier

Safeguard your health by keeping your home dry all-year with the Power Dry Max Dehumidifier that is more compact and has higher absorbency than existing silica gel dehumidifiers.

Why Power Dry Max?

Compared to existing silica gel dehumidifiers, they:

  • Take up no space at all and are easily disposable
  • Will not become broken or torn if dropped, reducing the risks of contents spilling
  • Are safe because the contents turn into jelly after absorbing moisture
  • Are 10x more effective and can absorb moisture up to 400% of the original volume

Product Details

Where to Use?

Living Room

  • Below and behind air-conditioners
  • TV console drawers
  • Gaps between sliding windows or doors
  • Various storage boxes
  • Shoe cabinet


  • Below the mattress
  • In each drawer
  • In wardrobes

Laundry Room

  • Below washing machine
  • Detergent cabinet
  • Laundry basket
  • Near drainage


  • Dish cabinets
  • Dry ingredients storage boxes
  • Vegetable compartment in the fridge
  • Below dish-washing sponge
  • Near drainage


  • Towel cabinets
  • Beside toothbrush / toothpaste container
  • Below mirror
  • Near toilet bowl
  • Near drainage

Car Interior

  • Inside glove box
  • Below floor mats / seats
  • In the trunk
  • On the dashboard
  • In side compartments

User Instructions

The powder in the sachet will harden and turn into jelly form after absorbing moisture. The sachet can continue to be used until it has fully expanded and hardened.

The thickness of the sachet is comparable to the size of a normal smartphone when absorption has reached 200~300%. The sachet should not get any thicker than that in ordinary household conditions.

You are advised to change the sachets out every 1~3 months in Singapore's tropical climate.

Should the powder in the sachet harden from long periods of storage, knead it back to loose powder form before use.


Only take out the sachets that you need and keep the remaining ones stored in an airtight container or bag to retain the effectiveness of the product.

Do Not:

  • Store the product in areas exposed to direct sunlight
  • Place the product near sharp objects
  • Place heavy objects on top of product
  • Keep product within reach of pets or children
  • Use the product for purposes other than intended

Disposable Jelly Dehumidifier (30g x 72 Pcs) | Made in Korea

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