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Lady Inner Wear Detergent My Linge 80 | La vikit




Specialised detergent designed for women's underwear

My Linge 80

No more worrying about menstrual blood stains!



Did you know?

Harmful ingredients from detergent can enter our bodies


and worsen the symptoms of menstrual pain.




?”Â?/span>If you want to relieve severe menstrual pain

?”Â?/span>If your skin is weak or sensitive

?”Â?/span>If you are worried about washing fabrics with menstrual blood

??If you want to stop washing underwear separately

Then Choose to Wash with My Linge!

No synthetic fragrance

Made in France with natural grapefruit essential oil and certified to be eco-friendly. 

 No Harmful Substances or Synthetic Surfactants

Use of naturally derived surfactants with coconut as the main ingredient  

No Artificial Tar Colour

My Linge is a colourless detergent that does not include unnecessary pigments or additives.


Feminine Care for Your Teenage Daughter

My Linge is naturally biodegradable, ensuring that no residual detergent is left behind. Residual detergent has been linked to transdermal poisoning. Young women who are going through puberty often struggle with voicing out problems regarding their nether regions. Remove menstrual blood cleanly with My Linge, giving your child space and privacy they need.        

Proteolytic EM enzyme to prevent fabric damage Fabrics are damaged overtime through surfactants present in conventional detergents. EM enzyme present in My Linge 80 weakens surfactant residues left on our clothing over many cycles of washing.       Wash your underwear at home. Use My Linge 80 when hand washing or with a washing machine.     

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Lady Inner Wear Detergent My Linge 80 | La vikit