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Frozen Grilled Mackerel 연안식당 구워나온 고등어 (1 pc) | Fresh Easy X Yeonan Sikdang


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Frozen Grilled Mackerel

Frozen Grilled Mackerel prepared by a famous Korean Seafood Restaurant! You can now simply toss it in the microwave/airfryer to enjoy delicious grilled mackerels at the comfort of your homes. The mackerels are prepared using Yeonan Sikdang's patented method of cooking, such that it doesn't lose its moisture during the process. Simply serve it with a bowl of rice and you have a fulfilling meal settled! 


?”️ Only fresh & plump mackerels are used and thoroughly cleaned
?”️ Using a patented method of preparation, these mackerels are exposed to a high temperature of above 300°C, which forms a layer of membrane such that the mackerel does not lose its original moisture and juice while being grilled to a golden yellow
?”️ Big fish bones have been removed for the convenience of consumption

(*please be cautious of the smaller fish bones during consumption)

More About Yeonan Sikdang

Yeonan Sikdang is an extremely famous, highly-raved fresh seafood restaurant in Korea. They are popular for their cockles, as well as several other seafood side dishes. Yeonan Sikdang shares with its customers their mouth-watering sauces made with their very own specialty recipes. Such combinations of these unique flavours with seafood cannot be found elsewhere. Now that Yeonan Sikdang had collaborated with Fresh Easy to produce ready meals, we can now enjoy them conveniently at home!

What You Will Be Getting

  • 1 packet of Grilled Mackerel (1 pc)  

Storage Information

Please store product in the freezer (-18 degrees Celsius and below). Please do not refreeze after thawing.

Net Volume: 80g X 1 box

Ingredients: Mackerel (Norway), Brewed soy sauce, Beverage base, Fermented vinegar

Possible allergens: Soybean, Wheat, Mackerel, Crustaceans (Oyster)

Please refer to expiry date as stated on the product. 

Frozen Grilled Mackerel 연안식당 구워나온 고등어 (1 pc) | Fresh Easy X Yeonan Sikdang

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