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Frozen Semi-dried Persimmons 상주 냉동 반건시 (6pcs/box)

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Semi-dried Persimmons

The semi-dried persimmon combines the best of both worlds: the chewy exterior of the dried persimmon and the soft, moist and juicy interior of the ripened persimmon. If you have enjoyed our Dried Persimmon Snack and/or our best-selling Frozen Sweet Persimmon, you'd have wondered what the taste would be like if it was just a little different. You no longer have to wonder. We've decided to bring the best of both worlds to you. 

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✔ Perfect Snack for the Family

  • Seedless so it's safe for convenient for children
  • Healthy and tasty snack for all young and old

✔ Excellent Quality and Freshness

  • Harvested individually by hand to ensure no bruising
  • Goes through second round of evaluation after drying process

✔ Bursting with Flavours and Goodness

  • Sweet, soft flesh with a chewy texture
  • Naturally sweet and delicious as a snack

Where is it grown?

Seedless persimmons can only be found in one province of Korea: Cheongdo, in Gyeongsangbuk-do, where the conditions and environment is suitable to produce these delicious persimmons. During the olden days of Korea, persimmons grown and handpicked were given as gifts to the king because it was one of the best things that could be presented to royalty.

How is it harvested?

All our persimmons are hand-picked to ensure that they do not have any bruising. This gives our persimmons longer life and retains the springiness in their skin as well as the soft and creamy texture of their flesh. Thereafter, the persimmons are evaluated again after being semi-dried to make sure that the best ones are shipped to Singapore to you.

How should you enjoy this?

Being seedless, everyone in the family can enjoy this, no matter how young or old. It's a natural source of sugar so it's a healthy snack. The semi-dried persimmons are all separately packed so it's easy to consume and great as a gift to friends, family and loved ones. 

How should you store them?

Upon receipt, they should be stored in a freezer under -18°C. Should you wish to consume them, please take them out of the freezer and leave them in room temperature till they soften.

How will they be delivered?

Our chilled and frozen products are brought to you in bio-degradable plastic bags via our BB COLD BOX. Our thermal bags ensure an optimal storage temperature to bring you your products fresh and for all of us to play a part in creating a more eco-friendly and safe planet. 


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