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Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup (800g) | Eat's Well


Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup

Prepare a nutritious and tasty ginseng chicken soup in just 5 minutes with Eat's Well's instant soup pouch. Since its launch, this soup pouch has become one of the best-selling ginseng chicken soups out there. 

Cooking Instructions

  1. Pour the contents of the pouch into a pot and heat it up at high heat for 5 minutes. OR
  2. Immerse the pouch in boiling water for 15-20 minutes. OR
  3. Pour the contents into a microwave-safe container and microwave for 5 minutes.

BB Tip

You may add more red dates and vegetables to your preference.

Ingredients: Chicken 35% (Korea), water, glutinous rice (Korea), ginseng, chestnut, garlic, dates, sodium glutamate, salt, onion, ginger, pepper

Nutrition Information Per Serving (100g)
Calories 61.5kcal
Total carbohydrates
5g (2%)
7g (12%)
Total Fat 1.5g (3%)
Saturated Fat
0.5g (3%)
Trans Fat
Cholesterol  50mg (17%)
150g (8%)

% are based on an average person's daily intake of 2000kcal

Expiry date is as stated on the product packaging.

Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup (800g) | Eat's Well

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