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10 Billion Probiotics Digestive Supplement | GNM


GNM 10 billion probiotics capsule packaging

10 Billion Probiotics Capsule Supplement

Contains 50 million Colony Forming Unit (CFU) of 17 types of live lactobacillus to guarantee that 10 million CFU will reach your gut. Each box contains 60 capsules, your probiotics supply for two months.



10 billion probiotics digestive supplement packaging and price on BlueBasket


BB Curator Comments

Improve your gut health with the GNM 10 Billion Probiotics Supplement. With at least 10 billion probiotics that can actually reach your gut, these capsules are not only easy to carry and consume, it's also effective!



GNM 10 billion probiotics digestive supplement

GNM 10 Billion Probiotics Capsules Features

GNM 10 billion probiotics digestive supplement

1. Contains probiotics

Each capsule contains bacteria and yeasts that are good for the human digestive system. These probiotics help to proliferate good bacteria, control harmful bacteria, and regulate bowel movements in your gut.


2. Contains Fructooligosaccharide Prebiotics as a Sub-Ingredient

This induces the growth of probiotics to ensure you get all its health benefits.


3. Easy Consumption

One capsule is all you need for one day.


4. Optimised Capsule Shells

Made from plant-based ingredients to aid in digestion.


5. Optimised Packaging

Capsules are packed in Alu Alu Foil to protect the probiotics from external moisture, oxygen and light.



Who Should Use This Product?

GNM 10 billion probiotics digestive supplement is recommended for the following people

The GNM 10 Billion Probiotics Supplement is recommended for those with sensitive stomach or constipation issues. Simply drink one capsule a day with water.



Contents of GNM 10 Billion Probiotics digestive supplement

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10 Billion Probiotics Digestive Supplement | GNM