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Tart Cherry Collagen Jelly Stick | GNM



Tart Cherry Collagen Jelly Stick

Fish Collagen Peptides Montmorency Tart Cherry Jelly Sticks

Montmorency Tart Cherry packed with 300Da fish collagen peptides. 1000mg of daily collagen dosage in one easy-to-eat jelly stick!



BB Curator Comments

Most of us know that pomegranates are great in boosting natural collagen but have you ever heard of the benefits of tart cherry? While pomegranate has been popular in the K-beauty world, recently, tart cherry has joined the limelight this year! The GNM Tart Cherry Collagen Stick brings you the perfect combination of tasty and healthy tart cherry with additional collagen that Koreans love.



Tart Cherry Collagen Sticks Benefits



GNM Fish Collagen Peptides Montmorency Tart Cherry Jelly Sticks Features


1. 93.21% Tart Cherry Concentrate in Each Stick, Made from 100% Turkish cherry, with 65% pulp content

Most stores sell them as powders and capsules, but offer nothing like GNM?™s delicious tart cherry jelly! Approximately 62 to 112g of tart cherry is used to produce one 20g stick. Enjoy your delicious yet healthy tart cherry snack on the go!


2. Tart Cherries??Powerful Health Benefits

Tart Cherries contains 20 times more vitamin A than sweet cherries, 19 times more beta-carotene than blueberries, 3 times more iron than oranges, 2 times more potassium than cranberries, and 2 times more calcium than bananas.


3. Fast Absorbing 300Da Collagen Molecules

Collagen products in the market currently offer collagen with a molecular size of 300Da to 1000Da. With smaller molecular size, comes easier absorption of the collagen in the body. Each packet of GNM Tart Cherry Collagen Sticks contains 1,000mg of 300Da fish collagen that ensures fast absorption.


4. Not Only for Women

While collagen products are mostly recommended for women, the GNM Tart Cherry Collagen Sticks are recommended for any one, men or women, young or old. It?™s also a great healthy daily snack for children!



How to store the GNM Tart Cherry Collagen Stick?

Considering the hot and humid climate of Singapore, it is recommended that GNM Tart Cherry be stored in the fridge to preserve its jelly texture.


How does this collagen jelly taste like?

You?™ll definitely taste a unique sour flavour coming from the high cherry concentrate.


Is it safe for children to consume? 

GNM Tart Cherry is generally safe for everyone to consume unless you have specific allergies that prevent you from consuming cherries or any other ingredients contained within our product.  


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Tart Cherry Collagen Jelly Stick | GNM