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Handmade Multigrain Soybean Granola (200g) | Modern Guru


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Handmade Multigrain Soybean Granola

For the busy moderners who can't find time to grab a proper meal, Modern Guru's handmade granola is healthy, nutritious, and convenient to enjoy. Containing 5 types of Korea-produced whole beans and 6 types of whole grains, the soybean granola is crispy and hearty with a touch of sweetness.

Modern Guru's Granolas:

  • Have reduced carbohydrates, sugar, and sodium content
  • Contain high dietary fibre
  • Are only 145kcal
  • Are filled with the best quality Korea-produced whole beans and grains 
  • Have a satisfying crispy texture
  • Can be consumed easily

A Healthier Choice

Modern Guru's granolas contain less carbohydrate, sugar, and sodium, as well as higher protein and dietary fibre than other granolas sold elsewhere. They are also made with 100% natural ingredients and contain only 145kcal of calories. They can therefore be safely enjoyed by everyone including pregnant mums, kids, and those on a fasting diet.

Only the Finest Ingredients

The Superfood for Teens: Oat

Modern Guru's granolas use oats that were cultivated with a traditional organic method that are certified to be Non-GMO and eco-friendly. Oats contain nutrients that are 3x that of white rice and 2x that of brown rice, and are rich in dietary fibre, iron and calcium.

Note: As Modern Guru does not use any manufacturing methods containing chemicals and only eco-friendly oats, there may be shells leftover from the oats. You can consume them after chewing thoroughly or separate them from your granola before consuming.

Korean Whole Grains

 All whole grains used by Modern Guru are cultivated in Korea.

Korean Beans

Modern Guru's granolas contain 5 types of beans that are beneficial to our health. The granolas contain both whole and crushed beans and these beans are roasted with a high-pressure iron cast method to create a crispy instead of hard texture.

Nutritious Snack: Date Palm

A stamina food that's famously chosen by pilgrims. With a sweet taste and dried persimmon-like texture, dates are a natural sweetener filled with nutrients.

A Gift from God: Extra-virgin Olive Oil

Modern Guru uses olive oil from Andalusia, Spain which boasts the highest quality olive oil, for a deeper and richer taste.

Healthy, Natural Flavouring: Maple Syrup

The maple syrup used in Modern Guru's granolas are 100% Grade A and produced in a clean region in Quebec, Eastern Canada. 

Why Modern Guru?

Modern Guru makes all their granolas with the utmost sincerity, with each granola taking 7 hours to make. You can taste the difference in effort in making these granolas for yourself.

Less Sweet

Rather than the artificially sweet granolas found in marts, Modern Guru's granolas have a lighter taste that preserves the wholesomeness of natural ingredients.

Enjoy the Crispiness

Normal granolas often have scattered individual grains that do not stick together, making it hard to enjoy them. Modern Guru has gone through many rounds of experimentations for the best recipe that allows for easy consumption with bite-sized clusters that are filled with crispiness.

A Different Method of Making

Most handmade granolas are made by roasting the beans and grains together, which may be convenient for the maker, but deducts from the taste of the granola as different beans and grains have varying levels of hardness. Modern Guru roasts each type of bean and grain separately, matching the temperature and timing needed to achieve the best texture.

Ways to Enjoy Your Granola

1. With milk, soymilk, as a simple and easy cereal.

2. With a thick greek yoghurt or plain yoghurt.

3. Have them as a healthy snack in replacement of tidbits.

Product Specifications

The 200g Multigrain Soybean Granola comes in a plastic container as shown below. 200g of granola is equivalent to about 8 servings.

Storage & Consumption

The product can be consumed within 6 months from the date of production (please refer to expiry date as stated on the product). Keep it in a cool and dry place, or in the refrigerator once unsealed. It is recommended that the granolas be consumed within 1 month upon unsealing.

Net Weight: 200g

Packaging materials: PET (container), aluminum (container lid)

Ingredients: Oat (oatmeal: Ireland), stir-fried brown rice (Korea), stir-fried black rice (Korea), stir-fried buckwheat (Korea), stir-fried pearl barley (Korea), maple syrup (Canada), extra-virgin olive oil (Spain), black seoritae (Korea), green seoritae (Korea), mouse-eyed beans (Korea), white bean (Korea), soymilk (Korea), brown glutinous rice flour (Korea), unrefined cane sugar (Thailand), peanut (Korea), dried date palm (Iran), sea salt

Nutrition Information Calories 145kcal (per serving) 
Serving Size 30g
75mg (4%)
17g (5%)
Dietary Fibre
3g (13%)
Total Fat 6g (11%)
Trans fat
Saturated fat  0.4g (4%)
Unsaturated fat
Cholesterol 0mg
Protein 4g (8%)

% are based on an average person's daily intake of 2000kcal

Please refer to expiry date as stated on the product.

Why are Modern Guru granolas more expensive than those sold in supermarkets?

That's because the ingredients used are not cheap. If Modern Guru were to use refined sugar, palm oil, and wheat flour mixed with corn flour, and not include whole grains and nuts, our granolas could be sold many times cheaper than those in supermarkets. However, we chose to make healthy instead of cheap granolas.

How much is one serving?

We recommend consuming about 30g each time. You can use a paper cup to measure out about 2/3 of the cup if you don't own a weighing scale. 

Handmade Multigrain Soybean Granola (200g) | Modern Guru

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