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[Her Basket ; Petit-bonbon x BB] Essen Colander & Mixingbowl & Tray 3P set 에센 채반&믹싱&트레이 3종 세트| Fissler 휘슬러

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Essen Colander & Mixingbowl & Tray 3P set

Get your hands on Fissler Essen Multi Tray Set, a multipurpose 3-piece set consisting of colander, 3-litre mixing bowl and a multi-tray. Made from high quality stainless steel from Germany, this is one kitchen essential every household needs for food preparation.


Introducing Petitbonbon, a Korean influencer who has 137K followers, Known for her stunning recipes and Kitchen tips. This is Petitbonbon's highly recommended Fissler Essen Colander & Mixingbowl & Tray 3P set.

It can be used safely using stainless steel materials that are harmless to the human body, and can be used for a long time because it does not rust or corrode.



Mixing bowl

It has an excellent sense of use with a moderate depth and width, and the internal measurement scale is engraved, making it easy to control the amount of food ingredients without a separate tool.

Essen Colander

It helps with fast drainage and drying in a dense and constant perforation method, and can be used in various ways, such as washing vegetables and washing rice.


Multi-tray, which can be used in various ways such as trays or fruit cutting boards, has handles on both sides for more stable use when moving.

;After use, you can store it efficiently by stacking it in the order of mixing balls, strainers, and trays. It reduces the space charge and makes it convenient to use.

Her Recipe

Refer to @PetiteBonBon's amazing cooking recipe using Fissler Essen Colander & Mixingbowl & Tray 3P set!



Essen Colander & Mixingbowl & Tray

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