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Laundry Detergent





Are you going to send all your favorite clothes to the laundry?

"It's a burden to go to the laundry every time These days, it's uncomfortable to visit the laundry."



The only way to wear your favorite clothes for a long time

Laundry Detergent My Dry 80


Now, Dry Clean at Home



?” Prevention of fabric damage

?” Strong detergency

?” Economical

?” Safe ingredients

  Easily cry-clean at home without going far to the laundry.   From stained clothes to clothes made of delicate favrics, My Dry 80 transform into new clothes. Excellent detergency, the secret to wearing your favorite clothes for a long time Produced with safe ingredients Naturally derived surfactant Synthetic surfactant Do you know the difference between general detergent, neutral detergent, and wool detergent?

Strong detergency while preventing fabric damage

        Wool detergent is specialized only for wool, but My Dry 80 can be used in all forms of fabric.
Washable material In addition to all laundry with dry marks, it is possible to wash general laundry except for leather (leather ornaments), sucede, rayon, viscose, and fur.       reduces cost by 80% With one bottle of My Dry 80
A total of 80 dry cleanings can be done
Safe ingredients Extracted from coconut    


Outstanding Surfactants 

When I do dry cleaning at home, won't the fabric get damaged? The main component of MyDry 80 is a safe vegetable oil-based surfactant,
which functions as a laundry petroleum solvent without damaging the fibers.
The fabric will not be damaged if you preserve the washing time for each fabric enclosed with the product.
*Refer to BB TIP for washing time    

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Home Self Dry Cleaning Laundry Detergent | La vikit