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Hwanggeumhyang Tangerines (2kg Box)


Hwanggeumhyang Premium Jeju Tangerines

The juiciest tangerines you'll ever have.

While there are countless varieties of tangerines around the world, we will be bringing in these premium Jeju tangerines, Hwanggeumhyang. Perfect for personal consumption, as well as gifts! One box would not be enough.

Breed Information

The Hwanggeumhyang is a cross-breed between the Hallabong and Cheonhyehyang tangerines, and has a round shape and smooth texture. Similar to the Hallabong, it is wonderfully juicy, and it has a thin peel like Cheonhyehyang tangerines. Since the Hwanggeumhyang contains the best of both their characteristics, it is considered the superstar of all Korean tangerines.

Flavour to Expect

While Hwanggeumhyang tangerines may have a slightly lower sugar content than the Hallabong, it has a mild and less sour taste, making it a good option especially for those who dislike sour fruits. The pulp of Hwanggeumhyang tangerines also burst with juice on every bite, making it an all-around delicious fruit!

Last Chance for This Harvest Season

Unlike other tangerine varieties, Hwanggeumhyang tangerines are harvested from July to early January. This makes it the last time you can enjoy the fresh, sweet Hwanggeumhyang tangerines this year - don?™t miss the chance!

What You Will be Getting

A box with 2kg Hwanggeumhyang Tangerines fresh, air flown from Jeju Island. Each box contains 10-15 pieces depending on the size & weight of each tangerine but will total up to 2kg. 

Important Note & FAQ

Q: Why are there white blotches on my Hwanggeumhyang tangerines?

All tangerines from BlueBasket are grown naturally on outdoor fields in Jeju Island, without any harmful pesticides. To protect the tangerine, natural calcium powder which is white in colour is used. This powder may stain the outer surface of the tangerine but does not in anyway affect the taste or edibility of the tangerines.

Q: Why are there some green spots on my Hwanggeumhyang tangerines?

There may be small parts of the Hwanggeumhyang that are greenish in colour. This is not because the tangerines are not ripe. Rather, it's due to parts of the tangerines with leaves that were not exposed to sunlight during cultivation. 

Storage Information

Keep the tangerines refrigerated when not consumed. As tangerines have a high moisture content, it can get mouldy and spoil when it is kept at Singapore's humid, room temperature for a long period of time. Here are also more tips on how to store your tangerines.

Hwanggeumhyang Tangerines (2kg Box)

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