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Induction Griddle (36cm)

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Induction Griddle

Minimalistically designed round griddle that is perfect for both cooking and plating your dishes. Made in Korea with fivefold non-stick marble coating, it is light and easy to use.

Product Specifications

Size: (W) 43 x (D) 36 x (H) 3.5cm 

Weight: 1480g

Material: Aluminium (Non-stick coating)

Country of Origin: Republic of Korea

The griddle can be used on all types of stove tops and heat sources, including induction stoves.


Shallow concaved design that is great for cooking up a variety of dishes and even for using as a dish for plating. Its light weight makes it portable and suitable for cooking at home and outdoors.

Flat base beneath the concaved griddle so that you can serve your dish right onto your dining table after cooking. This also ensures that the griddle sits well on any stove top.

No need to trouble yourself over seasoning the griddle as its fivefold non-stick marble coating and grooved texture ensures that food does stick easily on the surface even without much oil.

Marble coating surface that allows for easy cleaning - even without water, you can easily wipe the surface clean with just a kitchen towel or silicone spatula, making it extremely convenient for outdoor use.

4T thickness that is optimal for the conduction of heat, made with die-casting technology that effectively keeps the heat within your food and allows for efficient cooking.

BB Tip

Wrap some twine around the handles for easier and safer handling as the die-cast material makes the griddle extremely hot when and after cooking.

Ways to Use

Instructions for Safe Use

1. When using a gas burner that is smaller than the griddle, heat that gathers under the griddle may cause the gas container to explode.

2. Do not use the griddle with a portable gas burner that is smaller than a normal gas burner.

3. When using a portable hose burner, ensure that the gas container is placed as far away as possible from the griddle instead of under it as the heat that gathers there may cause an explosion.

Cautionary Note

  1. Wash the griddle lightly with normal dishwashing detergent before use.ï»?/li>
  2. As the griddle conducts heat extremely well, always be careful not to touch it during and after cooking.
  3. Always use mittens or protective tools when handling the hot griddle.
  4. Always hold onto the griddle with mittens when cooking to ensure that it does not shift away from the stove.
  5. To prevent scratching the griddle, do not use a metal spatula or a steel dishwashing scrub when removing stubborn food stains and burnt residue. Soak the griddle in hot water and wash it with a soft dishwashing scrub.
  6. Do not place the griddle into cold water directly when it is heated. Leave it to cool before washing.
  7. Using sharp cooking utensils may scratch the griddle.
  8. Use and store the griddle where children cannot reach them.
  9. Do not use the griddle for purposes other than cooking and plating.
  10. The coating on the griddle may be damaged when the griddle is heated alone without any food.

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