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[1+1 Box Bundle] Whole Nuts Bar - 1box(10pc) | INTAKE


Important Note:

1+1 Bundle is ongoing for a Flash Deal
because it's expiry date of 28 December 2021 is nearing
Please take note when ordering!

Whole Nuts Bar

A nutritious snack that contains 5 different types of nuts and Acacia honey. Bring it with you everywhere for a healthy quick bite that is crispy and delicious.



Instead of starch syrup, fructooligosaccharide is used to replace the hard texture of normal cereal bars.


Contains soy protein nuggets to increase the level of crispiness and to create a nuttier taste.


Contains high protein and dietary fibre content.

Acacia Honey

INTAKE Whole Nuts Bar contains acacia honey that is produced in Korea to create an elevated taste with only healthy ingredients.

Low Calorie

Even one bar is filling, with no sense of guilt at all after consuming as it only contains 185kcal.

Storage Information

Store the product in a cool and dry place with no direct exposure to sunlight.

Ingredients: Roasted almond 29.2% (almond: USA), crunchy granola A 10.5% (Germany, oat flakes 30%, crispy rice 23.2%, sugar 19.4%, crispy wheat 9.3%, refined palm oil 8.9%, glucose syrup 3.9%, barley flakes 2.1%, rye flakes 2.1%, honey 0.6%, salt 0.3%, natural vanilla flavouring 0.2%), sunflower seed 9.4% (USA, China etc.), cane sugar 9.4% (Brazil, Philippines etc.), fructooligosaccharide 8.4%, roasted peanut bits 7.0% (peanut: Argentina, China etc.), roasted coconut chips 6.6% (coconut: Philippines), dried cranberries 5.6% (America: cranberries, white sugar, sunflower seed oil), soy protein nugget 5.6% (USA: soy protein 87%, cassava starch 12%, salt 1%), Fibersol-2 5.5%, walnut bits 1.9% (USA), refined processed fat, acacia honey (Korea), salt

Contains peanut, walnut, soy bean, wheat

Nutrition Information Calories 185kcal (33g)
Sodium 25mg (1%)
Carbohydrates 13g (4%)
Sugars 7g (7%)
Dietary fibre 4.3g (17%)
Fat 12g (22%)
Trans fat 0g
Saturated fat 2g (13%)
Cholesterol  0mg (0%)
Protein 6g (10%)

% are based on an average person's daily intake of 2000kcal

Please refer to expiry date stated on the product.

[1+1 Box Bundle] Whole Nuts Bar - 1box(10pc) | INTAKE

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