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Korean Premium Jeju Hallabong Tangerines(1.5kg) 5~6 pcs | 제주 한라봉


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Korean Premium Jeju Hallabong Tangerines
제주 한라봉 1.5kg (5~6pcs)

Hallabong is a famous breed of tangerines native to Jeju Island that has a richer taste and scent than normal tangerines. Identifiable by their protruding sterns, not only are they are filled with crunchy pulp that is full of juice, they are rich in Vitamin C and promote metabolism.

Breed Information

Hallabong tangerines are a cross breed between the Kiyomi orange and Ponkan. Its name 'Hallabong' derives from its resemblance to the iconic Hallasan Mountain in Jeju Island.

BlueBasket's Hallabong tangerines are harvested on a farm in Jeju Island.

What You Will Be Getting

A box with 1.5kg of Hallabong tangerines.

Ways to Enjoy Your Hallabong

Besides enjoying them fresh from the peel, Hallabong tangerines are also great for making tea and marmalade.

Storage Information

 Keep the tangerines refrigerated at all times when not consuming as the high moisture content in the tangerines may cause them to turn mouldy in Singapore's humid weather. Check here for more tips on how to store your tangerines.

BB Tip

Some of the tangerines may taste a little sour as they have been freshly picked from the farm. Try leaving them out for a few days for them to ripen.


The white residue on the skin of tangerine are a calcium compound that helps to maintain the health of the tangerine trees and are harmless to the human body. Simply peel the skin off or wash the tangerines before consuming.

Korean Premium Jeju Hallabong Tangerines(1.5kg) 5~6 pcs | 제주 한라봉

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